domingo, 21 de diciembre de 2014


Going back inside
I'm watching the pain
that sleeps in my mind
and hangs deep in my brain

I remember you
whom I left behind
but those scars remain
in a big black stain

I still can't believe
what you did to me
all your craven actions
my unsatisfaction

But then again
after being apart
I can understand
all this from the start

As I can recall
you were never bold
you had no fire
no loyalty or desire

Now I know the truth
of the real you
what I couldn't see
has now set me free

So I can't complain
'cause I found my train
I've been traveling far
healing every scar

You just have to know
that I loved you so
you had all my heart
which you tore apart

Some tears are falling
with all this recalling
washing out the stain
like the strongest rain

This story is simple
I almost lost my dimple
but my smile is back
now I'm back on track.

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